DUAL-SHOCK Buyer Traffic Review

DUAL-SHOCK Buyer Traffic Review

Name: DUAL-SHOCK Buyer Traffic

Website: www.atnmarketing.com

Owner: Aidan Corkery and Fergal Downes

Price: $12.95 + Upsells

Overall Rank: 9/10

What is Dual-Shock Buyer Traffic?

DUAL-SHOCK Buyer Traffic is a step-by-step video course that shows you how to get free traffic from Facebook and drive that traffic to a messenger bot opt-in page to build your messenger bot subscribers and email list at the same time. Continue reading “DUAL-SHOCK Buyer Traffic Review”

Free List Building Training

Free List Building Training

The money is in the list!

I’m always going on about building an email list because I believe it is just so important to the long-term success of your online business, but a lot of people just don’t get why it’s so vital. Continue reading “Free List Building Training”

AWeber Email Marketing Review

AWeber Email Marketing Review

Name: AWeber

Website: www.aweber.com

Owner: AWeber Communications

Price: 30-day Free Trial $19 per Month

Overall Rank: 9/10

What is AWeber?

AWeber is a web-based email marketing software for small businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs and marketers from all over the world.

Aweber has over 100,000 small business clients and they help people keep in touch with their subscribers that have requested to be on their email list.

Continue reading “AWeber Email Marketing Review”

SellOMatic Honest Review

SellOMatic Honest Review

Name: SellOMatic

Website: www.sellomatic.me

Owner: Justin Smith

Price: $55.00

Overall Rank: 8/10

What is SellOMatic?

SellOMatic is a game-changing affiliate email automation software that will quickly and easily allow you to add 100’s of different email swipes and affiliate offers straight into your autoresponder to be sent out on auto-pilot… all with your custom greeting, signature, and affiliate link embedded. Continue reading “SellOMatic Honest Review”

Udimi Solo Ads Review

Udimi Solo Ads Review

Name: Udimi

Website: www.udimi.com

Price: Free to join

Overall Rank: 7/10

What is Udimi?

Udimi is a solo ads marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

It’s free to join and you can buy from 100 right up to 1000 clicks from heaps of different vendors at various prices right to your opt-in pages. Continue reading “Udimi Solo Ads Review”

Open Rate Solved 2.0 Review

Open Rate Solved 2.0 Review

Name: Open Rate Solved 2.0

Website: www.imtrainingmasterminds.com/open-rate-solved-2/

Owners: Michel Sirois

Price: $8.86 + Upsells

Overall Rank: 8/10


Open Rate Solved 2.0 was created by online entrepreneur Michel Sirois to help email marketers improve their email open rates and make sure that they keep their lists healthy so they don’t get banned by their autoresponder company. Continue reading “Open Rate Solved 2.0 Review”

Easy Profit Makers Review – From $0 To $179.63 Per Day, With Email?

Easy Profit Makers Review

NAME: Easy Profit Makers

WEBSITE: www.easyprofitmakers.com

OWNERS: Michel Sirois and Reed Floren


PRICE: $1 to $713.07 + recurring payment


Easy Profit Makers is a product that was released on the Warrior Plus affiliate network on November 20, 2018, from experienced online marketers Michel Sirois and Reed Floren.

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