Profit Maximizers Review

Profit Maximizers Review

Name: Profit Maximizers


Owners: Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong

Price: $16.95-$197

Overall Rank: 9/10


Released on the Warrior + affiliate network on the 9th of March 2019, Profit Maximizers is a total of 80 top quality products that you can use to give away as bonuses in your affiliate promotions.

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Pros VS Cons


  • Top quality products including recent top-selling courses that you can use to give away as bonuses.
  • You can take all of the training yourself
  • Graphics included
  • Tutorial included on creating a bonus page
  • Relevant, congruent offers in the make money online/internet marketing/Biz Op niches
  • You don’t have to host the bonuses yourself, they are hosted on their servers and you can give them away easily
  • You can use some of the bonuses to give away as a lead magnet and grow your email list fast
  • By using these bonuses you will greatly increase your success in promoting any product
  • An absolute steal at the price


  • Upsells

Product Overview:

Profit Maximizers is the latest product put together by successful online, affiliate marketers Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong.

Last year, Brendan put together a product called the Bonus Vault, that included value video tutorials, PDF’s and full courses that you had the licence rights to give away as bonuses, and with Profit Maximizers, he has teamed up with Jono, to add an extra 40 products on top.

This is also including many of their recent best-selling, Warrior Plus “deal of the day” winners, such as The Secret Weapon, The Fuego Breakout and The Lost Code.

Most of these products sell day after day for around $15, so you are basically getting 80 products for the price of one, that you can not only go through yourself but to also give away as bonuses for your affiliate promotions.

You can also use these products as lead magnets to entice people to join your email list.

Profit Maximizers Review

Who is it for?

These bonuses are ideal for anyone in the make money online/affiliate/internet/marketing/Bizop niche.

Tools and Training:

You can access all of the training in each one of these bonuses, some of which come in the form of complete, high-selling online courses.

Profit Maximizers Review


You can contact Brendan via his email support desk and he states that he will respond within 24-48 business hours.


The frontend offer of Profit Maximizers is $16.95, which is an absolute steal for what you get here, but as always there are various upsells that you may want to consider, but you are under no obligation.

Have a look through and decide if any suit your needs.

Profit Maximizers Review

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee.

Are you ready to maximise your profits?

I don’t particularly like to overhype products…

But in my opinion, if you do any affiliate promotions, or you want to, I’d have to say that you would have to be completely crazy NOT to pick up Profit Maximizers!

I personally paid $37 last year for The Bonus Vault and considered that a steal!

I’ve been using these bonuses in my campaigns and they have definitely increased my sales and conversions.

For just $16.95 you can have all of these products plus another 40 of Brendan and Jono’s latest products.

You can take all of this training from two successful marketers earning over $50-100 thousand dollars a MONTH, and also give away their top-selling courses as bonuses.

I’d honestly pay $100 for this, but for under $20, as I said, you’d be crazy not to grab it!

Adding bonuses to any of your affiliate campaigns is going to greatly increase your sales and conversions, and giving away any of these Profit maximizers is going to make your customers feel that they have received a great deal!

The Bonus Vault Review

But, before you decide, here are my exclusive bonuses if you decide to pick up Profit Maximizers through my link.

My Exclusive Custom Bonuses

*I have hand-picked all of these exclusive bonuses so that you can use them in combination with Profit Maximizers and scale it to the next level!*

Final Verdict: 9/10

*All of these bonuses will be immediately available for automatic download in your Warrior Plus Account after purchase*

==>> Grab Profit Maximizers and claim my Custom Bonuses Right Here! <<==

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

To your freedom,

John W. Newman

Helping you create TIME AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM by building a PROFITABLE Business Online!

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36 thoughts on “Profit Maximizers Review”

  1. I’ve read a lot of reviews on Brendan and Jono’s products, most of which didn’t seem as good as they seemed. There always seems to be a catch or something undisclosed on their sales page that gets me really irritated. As a result, I never bothered with their programs.

    I’m happy that Profit Maximizers is one that actually does what it says it will. And I have to agree, that at this price point and getting all those bonuses, that it seems worth it. Thanks for this review and for turning me around with those guys. Now I know that some of their products might actually be good.

    1. These guys use a lot of upsells in their products as do a lot of successful online marketers, Reyhana…

      Unfortunately, it does irk a lot of people, as it obviously does for you, and a lot of people think that just because there are upsells that it, wrongly, in my opinion, make it a scam… personally, I don’t have a problem with it, upsells are a legitimate business strategy, but I do like to create honest reviews so people are aware of these upsells, and they can make informed buying decisions.

      Brendan and Jono, are very successful marketers, and most of their training products are very good, I’ve certainly learned a lot from their training.

      This particular course is definitely their most value-packed, with a lot of their previous courses included, all for the cost of one, plus giving you the rights to give away any of them as bonuses in your own affiliate campaigns.

      Thanks, for commenting and giving your feedback 🙂

  2. Hello, Jonh that is a lot of good stuff for such a small price I think that it is worth the investment. I am in the landscape and gardening business do you think this can help me or is it really only for those who are promoting business online on how to make money?

    1. Hey Norman, these bonuses are only related to the make money online/internet marketing/Biz Op niche…
      I wouldn’t recommend you pick this up with the niche you are currently in.
      Thanks for enquiring though 🙂

  3. Profit Maximisers sound pretty interesting John, 

    Having 40 of Brendan and Jono’s latest products for $16.95 is definitely a steal! That’s less than a dollar for each book, I’m tempted to try! Is the program newbie-friendly, or would you advise beginners to have some basic Internet marketing knowledge before delving in?

    1. There are two ways to look at it, Riaz…

      If you are a complete newbie, then you probably wouldn’t know about, or need to know about, offering bonuses to scale your campaigns at this stage… this would be more in line for intermediate or advanced marketers.

      But on the other hand… if you are a complete newbie, then you are getting 80 top quality courses, tutorials and eBooks for only $16.95, that you can also use to, later on, build your email list and scale your campaigns with what you learn…

      If you go through all of this training and implement, then you are definitely NOT going to be a newbie any longer!

      If you can’t see the value in that, then I honestly can’t help you 😉

      Thanks for your comment and question!

  4. This is awesome, I’ve read through a lot of affiliate marketing programs this seems to look better than what I have read so far. This worth trying, I hope such platform is secured. I will like to know if there is a referral bonus. Also, what is the average amount one can earn in a month as a beginner?

    1. Hey Marshall, it is definitely a secure platform, so you have no worries there.

      There is an affiliate program if that is what you are asking, but your question about the average amount a beginner can earn in a month is the ABSOLUTE WORST question you can ask and is setting yourself up for failure…

      There is no answer, it is like asking how long is a piece of string, it depends on so many factors… your time investment, your work ethic, your amount of intelligence, attitude motivation… on and on it goes.

      I’ve been in this game a long time, and in my experience, you aren’t going to earn a cent… simply because you won’t apply the strategies and keep learning and implementing and you will probably move onto something else or give up!

      That’s the average!

      The exceptions to this rule are people that are dedicated to keeping learning, implementing, over and over again, UNTIL they succeed!

      Online business is a long term game… It’s all about gaining momentum, and reaping rewards from what you sow!

      Sure, it’s good to set income goals, but to succeed you need to concentrate on building a business that will stand the test of time!

      Best of luck 🙂

  5. I found this article full of information that would be valuable to an affiliate marketer.  I liked the explanation given on the various products, especially on The Wealthy Affiliate. It provided some top quality bullet points that showed the top benefits of Wealthy Affiliate.

    There are some products included that make this purchase appealing to me.

    Very well written


    1. It wasn’t a review about Wealthy Affiliate, Ken!

      Maybe you just skipped to the end and looked at the comparison table???

      Next time, try reading the review and watching the review video!

      1. No John, I did read the article and watched the video. I found some of the other products very interesting and appealing, to the point I may invest in them.
        I am sorry you felt i did not read your article.

        1. No problems Ken, sorry if I misunderstood.

          I am just getting a little sensitive to a lot of certain affiliates from WA that tend to bag out the product I am reviewing in order to paint WA in a good light.

          Fair enough, if I was doing a scam review, but not when I recommend the product.

          I think that a lot of WA affiliates seem to think that WA is the be all and end all, but there are still a lot of other great products out there at different price points that can help people.

          Once again, sorry for the misunderstanding… I don’t think that was your aim… I think I was reacting after a couple of comments earlier along those lines!

          Thanks for commenting back 🙂

  6. This article about the review of profit maximizers is a great one. But I will always choose wealthy affiliate over any platform. Though, I just came into wealthy affiliate. But my love for it grows stronger by the day as I begin to discover more things about it. But I still like profit maximizer based on the way the bonuses are given 

    1. Two totally different programs Barry!

      I don’t think you get it???

      These are two totally different platforms, with different objectives and price points.

      I recommend WA as a great foundation for building an online business, but if you are a premium member, it will cost you almost $500 a year for the privilege. 

      Profit Maximizer is a product, that for $16.95 you can add top quality bonuses to any product that you are promoting in your review of that product.

      Doing product reviews is something that WA teaches you and this product will help you scale that strategy!

      Read my review about Wealthy Affiliate and have a look at the cons!

      Affiliates that bag out other products to paint WA in a good light is the one thing I hate about WA!

      Don’t bunch two different products with different price points and outcomes in the one basket!

  7. Hi John,

    I have read the informative and educative review about profit maximizer and understood the real scenario behind this product. I believe that this is not a scam and all of those 80 top quality bonus products for only $16.95 are really awesome opportunity. But we need to check out all of those product’s features for $197. I believe that those bonuses are really helpful for affiliate marketer promotional activities.I am going to bookmark your article for my future use. Thanks for writing this helpful review.

    1. You don’t need to pay $197 for all of the features Mzakapon, you get them all for $16.95.

      There is an upsell for $197 that will allow you to add a tracking pixel to Jono and Brendan’s sales pages, so you can build up a re-targeting audience that you can then promote any of your offers to.

      Entirely two different things and you are under no obligation to purchase it, but if you can afford it and it suits your needs, I think it’s a pretty awesome offer! 

  8. Hey John,

    Thanks for a great review! 

    I’d like to use the bonuses included in this package, in order to get people to sign for my mailing list. So, I’d like to ask where I can find the list of bonuses included, or even the niche of the bonuses included, in order to evaluate whether it is suitable for me.

    Thanks again!


    1. I’m not going to give you a list of all of the bonuses Marios, but if you look at my review video you will get the idea of what is included.

      All of these bonuses work in the make money online/internet marketing/BizOP niche.

  9. Thanks for writing this review on profit maximizers and I must commend you for sharing your experience on other similar products you have use. One of the things that I seems to like about this program is the fact that the ceo is a known person in the industry and also with $16.95 there is so many products to get. I must say it really great

  10. Dear John,

    Thanks a lot for the detailed and thorough review post.

    Nowadays its really hard to buy make money online products without reading unbiased review posts. I have tried few of Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong products separately. I do know they are good product creators and real persons.

    Giving away a product with real value as a freebie is a must for any blogger, that’s what I learned recently as a secret to getting email subscriptions. I do know the worth of email marketing “Money is in the list” so this product means a lot to me and this is on my list.

    Great to know that there are loads of free bonuses included with this product which we can use as a bonus too. And your bonuses adds even more value, just like icing on the cake. The pros you shared is very helpful in making my purchase decision. The price is amazing and affordable.

    Much Success!


    1. Absolutely, Paul!

      If you are in this niche this is a no-brainer deal, and you would have to be crazy to pass it up… In my opinion!

  11. I wanna say thank you for this great offer. You might be wondering why I’m thanking you since I’m using my money to purchase this product. That’s because if I do not get this information there is no way I will know such a product exist for that ridiculous amount. I’m into affliate marketing and i do whatever increases my income. Nice article

  12. Hello John, it is wonderful to know that you have been using the product you are recommending. I always prefer using products that has been tested and deemed worthy of usage. From the pros you listed, it will be a veritable tool any internet marketer would want to use.

    I particularly love the fact that one can undergo the training by himself and also using the bonuses to get lead and grow one’s email list faster. Although I don’t particularly fancy products that have upsells, but the pros you listed here are great and outweighed the con. Great review I must.

  13. I have never heard of this program before but your review on Profit maximizers has been very helpful. I am currently using the program you mention in the bottom of your review, wealthy affiliate and I am very happy with that but I must say that Profit Maximizers do look like a very good program. I like that you show that there is a significant different in how you use the product as well, like the bonus. When using the bonus you seem to get a lot more out of the Profit Maximizers program. Thank you for a good review. I am strongly considering trying this.

  14. The profit maximizers review you dropped makes a whole lot of sense,as it is well explicit and educates the reader well on the benefits of subscribing to it. The way you used screenshots to further explain your points are very helpful and makes the site looks very beautiful. I will definitely bookmark this page and re-read again and again as a reference material, should in case i decide to subscribe to the Profit maximizers package. Thanks a lot

  15. Thanks for such a brilliant post, this is clearly a motivational post about profit maximizers. I have gone through this article and read the pros and the cons of profit maximizers but I would prefer wealthy affiliate program to profit maximizers. Wealthy affiliate has been existing since 2005 and they have millions of member in participation in 193 countries nationwide. I enjoy working with wealthy affiliate. Thanks for putting this together. Best regards 

    1. I’m glad you like Wealthy Affiliate, and so do I… but I’m sick and tired of you affiliates that have no idea!

      These are two totally different platforms, with different objectives and price points.

      I recommend WA as a great foundation for building an online business, but if you are a premium member, it will cost you almost $500 a year for the privilege. 

      Profit Maximizer is a product, that for $16.95 you can add top quality bonuses to any product that you are promoting in your review of that product.

      Doing product reviews is something that WA teaches you and this product will help you scale that strategy!

      Read my review about Wealthy Affiliate and have a look at the cons!

      Affiliates that bag out other products to paint WA in a good light is the one thing I hate about WA!

      Don’t bunch two different products with different price points and outcomes in the one basket!

  16. It’s a great analysis, Your review is very much complete, as I’m left with no more question to counter its authenticity. Actually, i get to read this article just at the right time, as I was looking for better money making programs and one of my contact suggested me profit maximizer

    Since he has not used this system, so I delayed to get this program. But now, your article is a real eye opener for me. Obviously its pros outweighs its cons which makes it much more recommendable. Thanks for sharing

  17. Hello,

    i think the profit maximizers would be a unique program to participate in. There are tons of benefits which are accrued to you for just $16. however, I am not clear as to the duration of subscription, is the subscription a one time fee or do I pay monthly. As a lover of knowledge, I can see myself benefitting from the wealth of knowledge this package offers.

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