The Bonus Vault Review – How To Make Bank With Bonuses

The Bonus Vault Review

PRODUCT NAME: The Bonus Vault


OWNERS: Brendon Mace and Dalton Scott


PRICE: $17.95-$2000


When people ask me for advice on how to get started with affiliate marketing or how to get better results, I tell them they need to craft an affiliate offer…

Whenever I promote an offer, I ask myself why would someone buy through my link instead of directly from the vendor, or through one of the thousands of other affiliates promoting the same offer?
And often the easiest way to do this is by offering bonuses…
But often, people will say that they don’t have any bonuses to give away, or maybe they just have some crappy PLR products that are not even related to the offer they are promoting…
Enter, The Bonus Vault!
The Bonus Vault is a new product recently released on JV Zoo from experienced online marketers Brendan Mace and Dalton Scott, that will give you 40 different products in the “make money online/internet/affiliate/marketing/BizOp niche, that you can use to giveaway as your very own bonuses for ANY product that you promote.
This product is an absolute game-changer that will greatly improve your affiliate marketing results!



  • 40 high-class products white-labelled for you to give away for any product or promotion
  • Relevant offers in the make money online/internet marketing/Biz Op niches
  • You can access any of the bonuses yourself and take the training anytime you like
  • You don’t have to host the bonuses yourself, they are hosted on their servers and you can give them away easily
  • You can use some of the bonuses to give away as a lead magnet and grow your email list fast
  • By using these bonuses you will greatly increase your success in promoting any product
  • An absolute steal at the price


  • Upsells


The Bonus Vault is a new product that offers 40 high-class bonuses that you can use yourself for any promotion that was recently launched on JV Zoo by experienced online marketers Brendan Mace and Dalton Scott.

Brendan is one of Warrior Plus and JV Zoos top affiliate and Vendors currently earning between $50-100 thousand dollars every month while travelling the world!

With his latest product, he has teamed up with one of his former students Dalton that he has personally mentored to create over $10,000 per month himself.

As I mentioned, the Bonus Vault includes 40 high-quality bonuses that are completely white-labelled for you to use to give away as bonuses for any affiliate offer you promote.

The problem with bonuses is that you either have to create your own or use inferior PLR products, that are often unrelated to the product you are promoting.

Often it is very hard to find decent products to give away as bonuses in the make money online/affiliate/internet/marketing/BizOp niche, but Brendan and Dalton have solved that problem with the Bonus Vault.

All of these products are very high quality and were created by experienced and successful online marketers.

Some come in eBook form, but many are value videos, and several are actually full online courses that are worth WAY more than the cost of this whole bonus vault.

There are even former Warrior Plus “deal of the day” winners that are part of this bonus vault!

You can also access all of the products and take the training yourself which is completely insane value.

You can access all of the product delivery links from a Dropbox file, together with all the numbered graphics that you can add to a bonus page.

Essentially you can give out up to 20 different bonuses for any product and mix and match them as you wish.

You can also use several of the bonuses as lead magnets to grow your email list as well!

Below is a sneak peek of the member area and a few of the products you can give away as bonuses.

The Bonus Vault Review


These bonuses are ideal for anyone in the make money online/affiliate/internet/marketing/Bizop niche.


You can access all of the training in these bonuses, some of which come in the form of complete, high-selling online courses.


You can contact Brendan via his email support desk and he states that he will respond within 24-48 business hours.


In the sales video, Brendan suggests he was thinking about charging $197 and I still think that would be a reasonable deal.

I definitely would have paid $97 for all this value, but I ended up buying the Bonus Vault myself for $37… but that’s not what you will pay…

I was a little surprised when I logged into my JV Zoo account to discover that they are now ONLY charging $17.95…

An absolute steal for all of the value in this offer!

But of course, there are upsells…

The Bonus Vault Review

The Bonus Vault Review

So as you can see the frontend bonus vault was $37, but you can grab it now for only $17.95

I actually bought OTO 1, the Triple your results training, but I grabbed it as a down sell at 50% off and if you grab this deal I recommend you do the same.

The licence rights at OTO 2 at $97 is a good one too, and I bought that as a down sell as well at 50% off.

Licence rights can be a good deal to not only maximise your profits (this essentially then becomes your own product) but also if you are just starting out affiliate marketing, it’s a good way to get approved instantly by the vendor which can be a bit difficult if you have no sales history.

With a great product like the Bonus Vault, I think the licence rights is an awesome deal!

OTO 3 is a fair chunk of change for personal coaching from Brendan at $2000, so I would think long and hard before grabbing that, although his digital training at $197 might be worth it, although I didn’t purchase it myself.

But after following Brendan since I bought the Bonus Vault, I am seriously considering grabbing this upgrade!

He is a seriously knowledgeable and successful online marketer!

The Bonus Vault also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


As far as value for money goes, I believe The Bonus Vault is a complete no-brainer!

Adding bonuses to any promotion is going to dramatically increase your profits, and with the high-quality bonuses included in The Bonus Vault, you are going to stand out from the pack!

To compete with the vendor, and all of the other affiliates, you need quality bonuses to stand out!

Going through these bonuses yourself will also help your own online marketing skills and business.

At this price, The Bonus Vault is an absolute steal in my opinion.

Look at these results below, with and without bonuses.

The Bonus Vault Review


It was a bit hard to add bonuses to this offer because this product is packed full of the actual bonuses I now use… BUT… Here you go!

The Bonus Vault Review

The Bonus Vault Review

Plus My Custom Bonuses:

Bonus 1: 10-Point-SEO-Checklist-To-Increase-Ranking – You get FULL PLR rights!

Bonus 2: 10 Steps to Being a Successful Affiliate – You get FULL PLR rights!

Bonus 3: 10-Steps-To-Write-Perfect-Affiliate-Review – You get FULL PLR rights!

Bonus 4: 20 Ways To Get More Traffic – You get FULL PLR rights!

Bonus 5: 9 Things To Avoid As Amazon Affiliate – You get FULL PLR rights!

Bonus 6: 9 Steps To Create Successful Facebook Ads – You get FULL PLR rights!

Bonus 7: 54 Point Blog Marketing Checklist – You get FULL PLR rights!

Bonus 8: 34-Ways-To-Grow-Your-Email-List – You get FULL PLR rights!

Bonus 9: 31 Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts – You get FULL PLR rights!

Bonus 10: 29 Ways To Get More Social Shares-To-Your-Content – You get FULL PLR rights!

Final Verdict: 10/10

*All of these bonuses will be available for automatic download after purchase!

==>> Get your hands on The Bonus Vault for ONLY $17.95 and my Custom Bonuses Right Here! <<==

The Bonus Vault Review

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

To your freedom,

John W. Newman

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30 thoughts on “The Bonus Vault Review – How To Make Bank With Bonuses”

  1. I have a question on the vault I have a getresponse autoresponder with a

    landing page with follow up messages & lets say I purchase the 40 bonuses

    & lets say I purchase the 1st OTO & I wanted to give away 3 bonuses is there a

    software I need to get that will show the 3 bonuses & the value of these bonuses

    I am offering to my subscribers.

    1. Hey David,
      You can get software that will help you deliver your bonuses and show the prices and value etc, but you can also just create a post on your website as well.
      OTO 1, will teach you a very simple method to deliver your bonuses to your subscribers!

  2. Very good overview of this product. I was not familiar with it before. Thanks for your insights.

  3. Hi John, this is SO interesting. I’ve always heard about creating bonuses and very recently I’ve started implementing this strategy.

    It takes time to create custom bonuses. I do all the creation, editing and ebook covers myself, but it can be very time consuming. It feels like this product, and upsell #1 can really benefit me and cut out a lot of time, which i could spend promoting my offers instead.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. That sure is a lot of work, and you have to look at the “opportunity cost” of creating your own bonuses when, as you say, you could be working on your own courses and products to sell and promote.
      The Bonus Vault takes care of this problem for you.
      Thanks for stopping by Stephanie 🙂

  4. With this number of products which you can give away for bonuses is there really any choice if you are starting a site in the make money online niche.
    with the license rights oto for the downsell price to be able to sell the products and make all the money is a no-brainer.
    Thank you for the headsup on this offer John, Brendon mace appears to give masses of value for a little price.
    As I am just starting out – how would you advise getting traffic to one of these products?
    Many thanks in advance.

    1. This is a really top deal for sure Phil!
      As for getting traffic to your offers, I noticed you have a website, so creating heaps of content and product reviews on your site and also YouTube.
      I would also build an email list as a priority, and you also have paid options such as solo ads, FB, Google and Bing Ads!
      Best of luck 🙂

  5. seems like a good program, the pros really is great and with only one con make this product is a must the only challenge is the upsell but with a budget in place, this program seems to be a good investment.

  6. Hey John…

    I must say, this is a very clever and unique offer by Brendon and Dalton. However, I personally have mixed feelings about a ton of bonuses. First of all… who has time to go through all the bonuses when you barely have time to dig into the core product?

    Second, based on my experience… the bonuses (which is usually PLR product) is either too old and non-effective, or as you mentioned in your article – has no relevance to the core offer. I’m glad you found value in the Bonus Vault, and good luck with promoting it. As for me, I just look for pure value in a product these days… bonuses has no influence on my decision making – simply because I could never find the time to go through them all.

    John, do you honestly go through every bonus accompanied with the core product?


    1. Hey Mark, sadly, something like 90% of people that buy an online course, don’t even access the member area… bonuses or not!

      Your second point about the crappy PLR products that are outdated are exactly why the bonus vault was created!

      They are all high-quality, high converting and up to date products.

      The reason bonuses DO work, is that when offered in the right way, they make the purchase of the original product a no-brainer!

      I recently bought a product, which was a good product… but the affiliate promoting it had such a high value bonus stack that was completely insane, and made buying it irresistible!

      No, I don’t go through every bonus I get… of course, because of time, but also because they are not usually of the quality of the products in this vault!

      I’m glad that you can resist the urge of bonuses in your buying decisions, but if you are not using them in your marketing then you are crazy!

      Thanks for commenting!

  7. Thanks for presenting this another legit platform, Bonus Vault. This is a great venue for those who can afford to add in their budget and joining that opportunity.

    The initial amount can be tolerable but availing more of the services and training under the courses offered needs an additional amount.

    I hope I will be able to save in order to join in the future.

    1. Thanks Abagatan, 

      At $17.95 the Bonus Vault is extremely affordable, and if you are doing any sort of marketing online then you won’t go wrong!

  8. Thank you for this great article review.  I have been thinking about using bonuses to give away to increase conversion and sales but didn’t know what they have out there.

    First time hearing about this product.   40 products for $17.95 sound like a great deal but I am a little bit worried about the upsell part since I am new and on a tight budget. I will take a closer look and see if its something I should consider buying it.

    1. No problem Maggie, I’m not always a fan of upsells, but I do like these ones.

      I wouldn’t get hung up on that though, just grabbing the front end bonus vault will help your marketing no end!

  9. John, Hello. You’ve made me happy with your The Bonus Vault Review. The fact is that I am in correspondence with these guys. They are great creative marketers and create interesting products. 

    You gave the reader the right good review. I have seen a lot of feedback where people are happy with the effect of bonus support. 

    I learned about the program in October 2018. They reserved my opportunity to purchase the program. 

    Thank you for the topic and the opportunity to share in the discussion. Mark

  10. Great article.  However, I don’t see how offering these bonuses would work with a site about shoes.  Did I miisunderstand something?  

    On some of my websites, I promote products relevent to the subject matter, for example, undergarments, or savings account, or healthy recipies.  

    Seems to me that your product would work when marketing an online business.  You gave insight when it comes to increasing sales volume when marketing an online business.  

    I would be interested in using your bonus program.

    1. You are right Patti… this product wouldn’t help one bit with promoting a site about shoes!

      These products are focused towards promoting the BizOp/affiliate and online marketing niche.

      No matter what industry you are in, offering bonuses will increase your sales, but you need them specific to your niche.

  11. Hi John, This article is a great review with wonderful information about the bonus vault product. Only cons of this product is up sells. So I think this product is good at least this is no scam product and one can really earn through this product. The most important feature of this product is all of those bonuses are full PLR right and we don’t need to spend extra time to find out this product and it’s content which is already built in their library. I going to purchase this product soon.Thanks for sharing this information with us.

    1. Glad you liked the review and are considering grabbing the bonus vault Mzakapon!

      As for the upsells, it depends at what point you are in your marketing journey!

      If you just want the bonuses, then just grab the main product.

      If you don’t know how to market the bonuses, consider the first OTO, it will help you to do this.

      If you want to promote this offer and want reseller rights to keep 100% of the profits then buy that one.

      If you want one on one coaching from someone earning 50K per month in this game, has taught others how to earn over 10K per month and you can afford the $2000 fee, then buy that one.

      It’s entirely YOUR decision!

      People get hung up on upsells… and it DRIVES ME CRAZY!

      Yes, there are some scams that give upsells a bad name, but it’s a sound business practice to increase profits!

      As long as the main product can stand on it’s own two feet (and this one does) then they can have as many upsells as they like to help you increase your profits and get results quicker and faster!

      Rather than complain about marketing… study it and implement it!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  12. Hi, I believe these bonuses are really interesting for the price.

    I’m working with a website my self and know how hard it is to get people sign up to a email list. Offering a free bonus I guess is the best bait you can give.

    Bonus vault does promises to offer some great bonuses. It’s not expensive but offers training that can help improve our online business, Thanks for recommending.

    1. Absolutely Stefan, the Bonus Vault will give you many products you can give away to increase your profits for any product you promote, as well as help you grow your email list!

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  13. Hey John, thanks for sharing about this Bonus Vault! This honestly cannot come in more handy as I’m always been a lookout for a PLR product that I can giveaway to generate leads on my blog! I did purchased a $5 worth of a PLR e-book but the content itself is not very great and not as valuable. 

    I think I’m going to take a look at this, as the price seems super affordable! & I’ve seen Brendan videos before on YouTube as he’s traveling the world.

    Just a quick question, if I were to get the cheapest one at $17, does it only come with 1 training? Have you also gone through the bonuses? Would love to hear your thoughts on it too.

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Hi Wina, on the sales page there is an offer to get a “lite” version for $17, but you only get 5 bonuses.

      You’d be mad to get this… pay the extra 95 cents and get all 40 bonuses!

      I have goon through a few of the bonuses and can vouch for their quality.

      Over time I will eventually get through them all lol 😉

      They are so much better than any PLR product I’ve seen out there!

      If you are in this online marketing/Make money online niche then you’d be crazy to miss out on this!


  14. Very interesting article! I have never heard of this.  Although I do have a JV Zoo account.  What an interesting concept.  It’s a really clever idea.  I am trying to think of ways I could use it in my business.  Thanks for writing this article and sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

    1. Glad you liked it Alicia!

      If you don’t know how to use this in your business then I would recommend the first upsell.

      For under $50, you will have 40 top quality bonuses and know how to profit from them!

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  15. I do not understand why I am commenting on this post.Is it from Wealthy Affiliate? What am I missing here

    1. Hi Janice, I have NO IDEA why you are commenting on this post, do you often comment on people’s posts and wonder why?

      I host my site on Wealthy Affiliate’s platform, but only you can answer how you came across this website and why you commented on it!

      I think I am the one missing something for sure, but thanks for stopping by anyway 🙂


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