Easy Profit Makers Review – From $0 To $179.63 Per Day, With Email?

Easy Profit Makers Review

Easy Profit Makers Review

NAME: Easy Profit Makers

WEBSITE: www.easyprofitmakers.com

OWNERS: Michel Sirois and Reed Floren


PRICE: $1 to $713.07 + recurring payment


Easy Profit Makers is a product that was released on the Warrior Plus affiliate network on November 20, 2018, from experienced online marketers Michel Sirois and Reed Floren.

Easy Profit Makers is a complete Step-By-Step “over the shoulder video training that will take you by the hand to set up an online business using email to promote affiliate offers.

It’s extremely newbie friendly… all you have to do is follow along with Michel and implement the steps, and you will have your business set up and running promoting several of Michel’s own top converting affiliate offers.

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Easy Profit Makers Review



  • Done For You Sales Funnel Included
  • Done For You Email Swipes Included
  • Done For You Traffic Source Included
  • 1 On 1 Coaching Included with live chat
  • Evergreen For Any Niche but is already set up for the “make money online” niche.
  • Step-by-step over the shoulder training that is fairly easy to implement
  • Newbie friendly


  • Upsells
  • Some of the steps are a little technical which can cause overwhelm, although they are all explained fully.


Easy Profit Makers is a 14 module step-by-step over the shoulder walkthrough from successful online marketer Michel Sirois, showing how you can drive traffic to done-for-you sales funnels and make sales with email marketing.

The way Michel teaches you to set up your email lists and segment them will give you  a 70.5% Higher Open Rates, 152% Higher Click-Through Rate and be responsible for 75% Of All Email Revenue.

The course is probably 60-70 % video-based, but also image based where it shows you how to do the steps as well.

Basically, Michel will walk you through setting up your landing page and thank you page, getting your offers, setting up and segmenting your email lists, as well as getting traffic to your offers.

The training is very much targetted for beginners, although the list segmentation is quite advanced and will be beneficial for more experienced marketers, but will also help newbies get success much quicker.

The way Michel teaches you to keep your email lists clean and responsive is something I found very helpful as well.

Although some parts can be quite technical, Michel teaches you step-by-step and a lot of it is just “copy and paste”.


The course is very much aimed at the beginner or fairly new affiliate marketers, or people searching for a method to make money online.

The list segmentation modules are fairly advanced email marketing strategies, however, that a lot of marketers would find beneficial.


It’s a full 14 module video, text and image-based course, and Michel recommends using OptimizePress to set up your funnels, ClickMagick for tracking, Aweber for your Autoresponder and his own Solo Ad traffic, although you can apply the training to different options if you wish, but some of the technical set up may be a bit different, but you are not “locked in” to Michels tools.


One of the cool things they have is a “live chat” for support, that you can access in the member area.

It’s operated in business hours, so depending on the time zone, they may not be there, but you can leave a message and they will get back to you.

Michel is constantly asking you throughout the course to use this feature if you are at all stuck so he can help get you back on track.


One thing you can be sure of with these Warrior Plus products is that there are going to be upsells.

A lot of people don’t like them, but I personally have no problem with them if the frontend offer works as a standalone product and the upsells offer something extra that adds to the main product, and I think they do in this case.

Frontend Offer $1 Trial + $47 per month: Easy Profits Makers 2018 – How To Make $179.03 Per Day

OTO #1 –  $97-$67 – Complete “Done For You” Affiliate Pages Branding.


We, Will, Add Your Name & Picture On EACH Of Their Affiliate Pages, To Make It Look Like You Are One Of The Owners Of Easy Profits Maker.

OTO #2 – $197-$147 – Complete “Done For You” Pre-Sell Funnel

  • 3 Different Lead Capturing Pages. We Guarantee To Work With You Until You Get 40%+ Opt-In Rate On Your 3 Pages (Value: $291)
  • We Set-Up Your Auto-Responder And Connect Everything For You (Value: $97)
  • We Load Your Affiliate E-Mail Swipes For You (Value: $17)
  • We Add All The Necessary Links In Your E-Mail Swipes For You (Value: $97)
  • We Create Your Redirection Script To Monitor Your Opt-Ins AND Sales For You (Value: $27)

That’s A Total Real World Value Of $576

OTO #3 – $497-$397 – Complete “Done For You” List Segmentation Setup

This “Done For You” Service Includes:

  • Our Tech Team Will Setup Full Email Segmentation In Your Email Lists. (Value: $697)
  • Top Notch Advice On Which Sub-niches To Choose For The Different Email Segments (Value: $37)
  • Complete Testing To Ensure Everything Is Working Flawlessly And At Maximum Capacity (Value: $67)

That’s A Total Real World Value Of $801

We, as professionals know EVERY subscriber on our email lists have different needs.

Each of them is at a different level of knowledge…

I’m sure you’ll agree that by emailing your subscribers MORE OF WHAT THEY WANT, and less of what they don’t want, the MORE MONEY you will make!

And now with this List Segmenting Service, you can get this all done for you, without lifting a finger…

OTO #4 – An application process to work directly with Michel (View the sales page for more details)

Are you ready for Easy Profit Maker?

I have personally gone through this entire course and believe that it’s a good option for newbies.

Michel is a very successful online marketer, I have taken some of his training before and I often recommend his products.

I like this course and learned quite a bit myself in the list segmentation modules.

The tools he recommends aren’t super expensive, so overall, if you are relatively new to online, affiliate marketing, or searching for ways to make money online, then as long as you take action with this course, then you are going to get results.

As always, if you want results, then you need to do the work.

If you have the extra money and want results quicker, then the “done-for-you upsells may be worth picking up as well, but that’s entirely up to you.

As long as you implement want Michel teaches, then this Easy Profit Makers system can work for you and make you money.


Michel offers 3 bonuses:


$47 dollar Value – FREE!

Easy Profit Makers Review

Value $197 – FREE!

Easy Profit Makers Review

Value $497 – FREE!


I have handpicked all of these exclusive custom bonuses so you can take Easy Profit Makers and scale it to the next level!

Final Verdict: 7/10

*All of these bonuses will be available for automatic download after purchase!

==>> Get your hands on Easy Profit Makers Right Here! <<==

Easy Profit Makers

Easy Profit Makers Review

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

To your freedom,

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28 thoughts on “Easy Profit Makers Review – From $0 To $179.63 Per Day, With Email?”

  1. John, this seems like an awesome offer!  I’m not understanding the pricing schedule though, could you give a little more information on that?  Right now I’m ready to move on to the email marketing phase of my business.  Your review has given me one more possibility to explore.  Have you had personal experience with the product, and if you have, at what time frame did you see results in?  Thanks for the great review.


    1. There was a little confusion at the start of their launch, but basically, it’s now a $1 trial for 14 days then $47 per month which gives you access to 1-on-1 support.

      There are also various upsells, but they are not essential.

      I was given review access to this product and have gone through the entire course.

      Although I use some different tools, it’s essentially how I run my own business… sending traffic to a funnel, growing my email list and promoting ongoing offers.

      There were some things I learned about segmenting your email lists, and keeping them healthy and responsive.

      As for time… it entirely depends on your work ethic and implementing the strategies!

      Thanks for commenting Steve 🙂

  2. It is good for all the people who have a lot of money to get all of the extra upsells that are offered.  Plus the monthly charge for membership.  That of course is the price that you pay for having some of the done for you pages and branding.  It is a great deal if you can purchase everything that you need and implement it, so that you are making money.  I do not really like upsells and am already a member of an affiliate marketing program, that has everything that I need for only the price of membership, no upsells.

    1. No matter what you think, there are always upsells… Even with a monthly membership, there is “devil in the detail”

      Upsells are an essential ingredient, in internet marketing success!

      Yes, some ARE scams… but as long as the original product can hold its own as a standalone product, then they are completely fine in my opinion.

      Easy Profit Makers gives you everything you need to succeed online… but you have to take action and put in the work!

      The upsells in this case, give you a “done-for-you” service, that will hep you get results quicker!

      It all comes down to a “time or money” investment!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Well you know the program is legit because it has Reed Florens name on it.  Your review is uplifting because hearing all the bad reviews on bad opportunities get tiring.

    I would seriously take a look at this but for now I think I have enough on my plate but I am going to save the link because we know changing minds on the fly happens.

    Once again this was a great review.


    1. Absolutely Dale!

      Reed and Michel are both straight up and down marketers.. that’s why I have no problem in promoting their products!

      I know how you feel about having a lot on your plate too… I have so much to do, it can get overwhelming!

      One step at a time!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. Hi John,

    Thanks for sharing this review on Easy Profit Makers. I often like online courses that are created or designed with newbies in mind, since not all of us are gurus in the Affiliate Marketing industry. What I personally like about this cause is the Done for You Funnels, done for you Email Swipes and even the Traffic source included. In this way, it becomes more easier for newbies to use and to benefit from it.

    The also promise of one-one coaching, which to me is one of the best ways of achieving success with any online course, when you know there is someone there to give you the needed support and coaching when needed.

    Even though there seem to be some upsells, I personally think it will be worth it. I may consider checking them out in the future. Maybe I will have to add it to my budget list and look at it later on.

    Once again thanks for sharing this honest review with us.


    1. Thanks Stephen!

      Yes, this is definitely a good course that newbies in particular will get good results from… provided they put in the work!

      Best of luck 🙂

  5. Hi John,

    I was wondering why you would mark down your product from $997 to $1 That is quite a markdown! So, from what I read,I will pay $47 per month if I decide to take you up on your $1 trial. Also, I wondered why the max price of 173.63 per day, that’s quite an odd number?

    So, if I made the max at $173.63 for 30 days, I would make $5208.90 per month! 5k a month! How many hours would I put in to achieve tha number. Of course minus the fees, for the OptimizePress to set up your funnels, ClickMagick for tracking, Aweber for your Autoresponder and his own Solo Ad traffic,  then upsells of $97/$67 and $197/$147 and $497/$397 are all tools I am going to need? Is this correct?

    I would think this sounds like a bit of an overwhelming deal, I would have to think this over.


    1. I’ll be honest… It’s a marketing ploy!

      They are never going to sell this at $997!

      A lot of these numbers are often just marketing ploys, but sometimes, they will do case study and make that obscure number and use that in their figures!

      To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend taking the upsells, unless you really have a heap of extra cash and want to get things set up quicker.

      Everything you learn with the basic product, you can do yourself… and you have the support included if you get stuck at all.

      If you are serious about your online business, then you need an autoresponder (such as Aweber) and ClickMagick, as well as a platform for your funnels anyway. (I use Clickfunnels, Michel suggests OptimizePress) So that’s not really an issue.

      By following the strategies, you can definitely get to $100-200 a day… 

      As for how long it takes?… I hear this ALL THE TIME, with any product!

      How long is a piece of string?

      It depends entirely on your work ethic!

      You can obviously scale it faster with paid ads, but the main thing is you have to follow the strategies and do the work.

      80% of people that buy this, or any other info product, don’t even access the member area… and of those that do, most never complete the whole course!

      When people ask… “how long will it take?” they are asking the wrong question!

      Just get in and take some action!

      This is actually a pretty simple and effective method of making money online!

  6. You’ve done a great work breaking it down to my understanding. From what I gathered, the program sounds great but I’m not really in for the upsells. I would like to find out if you’ve made the amount the titles says or even more than that? Better still does it really work? I would be interested in your response. Thanks

    1. The upsells aren’t essential DerrAd, but can help you get results faster.

      I’ve certainly made more than what they claim on occasion using similar strategies and YES… it definitely can work… provided you implement what you learn!

      Thanks for your questions!

  7. How many swipes come with the Email swipe file that they are offering? 

    I am definitely interested in the swipe files because I am not great at Email marketing and it sounds like this course would definitely help in getting me on track.

    Also, what is a reasonable timeline to be able to build a decent sized email list? Assuming one takes action and does as is suggested in the training. Does it take at least a year to build a good sized email list of 1000+ subscribers?

    1. Hey Jessie, there is probably around 20 email swipes included you can use.

      As for how long it takes to build a list of 1000+ subscribers, it depends on your ad budget for your solo ads, and how much work you put in with other list building strategies.

      One thing, is that if you implement the strategies in this course you will be building an email list of responsive subscribers and buyers!

      Thanks for your question 🙂

  8. Thank you for your review of Easy Profit Makers. I’ve joined a different training program platform and I’m still going through their training modules. Would you say that it’s worthwhile trying out different training programs at all? Time to dedicate to the training is the issue that I would have. Though I can tell that I still have A LOT to learn!

    1. I would recommend that you go through one training at a time and you IMPLEMENT what you learn!

      Although, I’ll admit that I have many training programs on the go at once lol 🙂

      The most important thing is that you take action on what you are learning!

      Don’t get overwhelmed though…

      No matter how much you learn, there is always so much more…

      Think of yourself as a life-long learner AND action taker!

  9. Hi John,

    When I started reading your article I wasn’t sure that Easy Profit Makers was for me, but as I continued reading I changed my mind. I don’t like it when a program has a bunch of upsells, but all in all it’s not that expensive. I have been wanting to step it up in my business and get into email marketing, so I am definitely thinking about giving this program a try.

    Thanks for bringing awareness.to me.


    1. Email marketing is absolutely essential to your online business success Dora, and Easy Profit Makers will certainly help you out with this.

      Don’t get too hung up on the upsells, the main product is just fine, as long as you are prepared to implement what you learn!

      You can always upgrade later if you choose!

      Best of luck 🙂

  10. I’m not too convinced of this product.

    It seems to give you great opportunities and pre-made emails etc but where do you get your email list subscribers from?

    All the great training and products are worthless if you don’t have a huge and growing email list.

    A second thing I also doubt is, once people know your email type they don’t open them again because there is only advertisement in them.

    1. A bit skeptical Stefan?

      This product teaches you how to grow your email list using solo ads, which is a very cheap and fast way to grow your email list.

      That’s what this program teaches you… how to grow a huge email list!

      I have also include in my bonus stack, several products to grow your email list as well!

      That’s what this whole game is about… growing and profiting from an email list!

      The money is in the list and the fortune is in the follow up!

      As for people not opening because it’s all advertisement… It’s important to provide value in your emails… it’s not all promotion!

      But if they don’t like it, then they can unsubscribe!

      No skin off my nose!

  11. Thanks for this review. I found it very helpful and for the price compared to what you get, it seems worth it. However, I’m not a fan of Solo Ads. Is there an alternative that is cheaper to get traffic or that is free? Sorry for the stupid question, but I’m fairly new with email marketing and would like to know my options before starting to get involved in it. I am looking forward to your response.

    1. Hey Reyhana, there are no stupid questions!

      I have been using solo ads myself for quite a while, and they do have mixed results at times.

      The secret to their success however, depends entirely on your email marketing skills.

      It’s vital to have a strong follow up email sequence in place to get good results from your solos.

      They work well in the “make money online/bizop/internet marketing” niches and are a good way to build an email list relatively quickly and cheaply, but as I said, they can produce mixed results.

      This is why as part of my bonus package, I have included several other “list building” bonuses and also a YouTube bonus, which is a massive way you can build your lists with free traffic!

      YouTube is huge strategy, but there is also strategies such as building a blog and using various social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook… but everything either takes time or money!

      Hope this helps, and thanks for your question 🙂

  12. I think you gave great information, complete and understandable. Nice review. Being a very new product and although you give Mr. Sirois a thumbs up, I don’t believe it’s for me…continued success to you though.

  13. Thanks for sharing your review, John. I also recently reviewed Easy Profits Makers after going through the training and I like that they offer some real ways to get email subscribers, and there’s real value in the training.

    Have you started implementing the steps yet? If so, what have your results been so far?

    1. Glad you liked it, Stephanie, and can see value in this training program.

      The steps are actually, pretty much what I do as a core in my business anyway…

      I often run solo ads to get people onto my email list and then I follow up with various offers over time.

      Email marketing is so vital in building a successful online business and I am constantly amazed when people say they are trying to earn money online but aren’t doing this!

      By following the steps in this course you can definitely get results if you stick at it, and put in the work!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  14. This program sounds really great and from what I can see the pros are more than the cons so it seems this program make a great investment.

    1. Thanks, Norman!

      People can definitely find value in this course if they are prepared to stick with it, and with the $1 trial, you can’t go wrong!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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