The Secret Affiliate Machine Review – New SAM Funnel (Viral Share Funnel on Steroids)

The Secret Affiliate Machine Review – S.A.M Funnel 

Name: My Secret Affiliate Machine (S.A.M Funnel)


Creator: Jordan Mederich

Price: Free

Overall Rank: 9/10 (ATTENTION: As of May 2019 the SAM funnel has been taken down)


Viral share funnels, also known as a “business-in-a-box” were huge in 2018.

They’ve primarily been used as a frontend offer to build your email list, hopefully, break even with one-time-offers and also get ClickFunnels signups, but ultimately the goal is to be profitable in time with your email follow up sequence.

Online entrepreneur Jordan Mederich has taken this concept and flipped this process on its head for 2019 with a new viral share funnel called the Secret Affiliate Machine (S.A.M Funnel) which is currently going gangbusters with massive ClickFunnels signups and being extremely profitable almost straight away!

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(ATTENTION: As of May 2019 the SAM funnel has been taken down)

The goal of the funnel:

  • Get ClickFunnels referrals
  • Grow your passive income with 40% recurring income
  • Win your dream car (100 active members)

Pros VS Cons:


  • Super easy to use – No tech skills required
  • Newbie friendly – No previous affiliate marketing experience needed
  • High conversions
  • High opt-ins
  • Higher front-end sales
  • High-quality videos and copy
  • Neutral branding – anyone can use straight away and promote


  • Need to run paid traffic for best results (solo ads)
  • Need to put your own email follow up sequence in place
  • Will need a ClickFunnels account

Product Overview:

As I said in the introduction, the Secret Affiliate Machine (SAM Funnel) is another unique spin on the Business-in-a-Box or viral share funnel that was so popular in 2018 as a way to get ClickFunnels referrals and also grow your email list.

Catlin Bettridge’s Affiliate Side Hustle funnel (ASH Funnel) is one such example, and I used this funnel myself and re-branded it into my own Residual Profit Secrets funnel. (RPS funnel)

The only problem with the ASH funnel and others like it is that to have the best results you really needed to re-brand the funnel into your own… and to be honest they never really worked that great to get ClickFunnels trials on the front-end, although they did, and do, work really well as a lead magnet and to grow your email list.

What Jordan Mederich has done with this new SAM funnel has completely turned this around and created a funnel that is not only completely brand-neutral, so that people can share this quickly and easily just by changing a couple of affiliate links, but also something that is converting amazingly well and getting ClickFunnels trials and conversions on the front-end.

The Secret Affiliate Machine Review

Who is it for?

Anyone that is an affiliate marketer or who wants to be an affiliate marketer or to make money online, create passive income with ClickFunnels referrals and also win a dream car.

This is great for both newbies all the way right up to advanced marketers.

Even some of the big super affiliates are jumping onboard this SAM funnel and killing it!

Tools and Training:

The primary tool is the ClickFunnels software and all of the training is in video form as you go through each step of the funnel.


Jordan has a private Facebook group as do most of the affiliate’s promoting this, including myself which you are quite welcome to join.


Free to opt-in.

You will need a ClickFunnels account which comes with a 14-day free trial and then is $97-$297 per month ongoing, depending on which plan you choose.

For best results, you will need an email autoresponder to follow up with your referrals.

I personally recommend Aweber as it is “affiliate marketing friendly” and easy to use. (You will then also only need the $97 CF account)

You also need to run “traffic” to your funnel, but as I said, this funnel is super-high converting on the front end.

Here are just a few results people are seeing in just the past week:

The Secret Affiliate Machine Review

The Secret Affiliate Machine Review

The Secret Affiliate Machine Review

The Secret Affiliate Machine Review

Get in while this is HOT! ?

The Secret Affiliate Machine, in my opinion, is a complete gamechanger.

Jordan Mederich has created something really unique and it’s an absolute killer way to get a flow of Clickfunnels referrals without much effort.

It’s by far the best affiliate funnel I’ve seen so far as a way to get referrals for Clickfunnels.

It’s converting super hot at the moment and people are getting awesome results.

The Super Affiliate Machine is kinda like an autonomous car.

Once you’ve got the car and you’ve personalized it, it’ll do the driving for you… Just drive the traffic, which leads to ClickFunnels referrals, which leads to passive recurring income and winning the dream car prize when you hit 100 active ClickFunnels referrals… rinse and repeat!

But, before you decide if this is for you, let’s look at my exclusive custom bonuses if you decide to opt-in to “The Secret Affiliate Machine” through my link.

My Exclusive Custom Bonuses

*I have hand-picked all of these exclusive bonuses so that you can use them in combination with The Secret Affiliate Machine and scale it to the next level!*

Final Verdict: 9/10

*All of these bonuses will be available for access when you reach the final step in the SAM Funnel*

(ATTENTION: As of May 2019 the SAM funnel has been taken down)

==>> Grab The Super Affiliate Machine and claim my Exclusive Custom Bonuses Right Here! <<==

(ATTENTION: As of May 2019 the SAM funnel has been taken down- Any Links will go to further training via my email list)

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

To your freedom,

John W. Newman

Helping you create TIME AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM by building a PROFITABLE Business Online!

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6 thoughts on “The Secret Affiliate Machine Review – New SAM Funnel (Viral Share Funnel on Steroids)”

  1. Hey John! Thanks for the review. Sounds interesting. Though I do not (yet) have a ClickFunnels account, I will need to look into this. Before I do drop some cash for this I just want to be clear on something.

    You mention that there are different ClickFunnels plans ranging fro $97 to $297 per month. But if I already have Aweber, are you saying I do not need a CF plan higher than $97 per month?

    I realize you have to invest money to make money, but if I can do so and save money in the process, the $97 per month plan seems right for me. If CF really works well, I definitely will recommend it to others.

    1. Thanks, Robert… I personally, have Aweber and the $97 plan and that is enough for me and most marketers, to be honest.
      It depends what your needs are, but CF can certainly help most marketers grow their business.

  2. Hi John, great review. It does seem like a good program and a good way to build your list and make quick income if you can afford the solo ads. The only fall back I see to this system is having to shell out the monthly fee for ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a great system, but a bit pricey. The only other thing I don’t like about ClickFunnels is that the capture pages and landing pages are outside of your WordPress Site. I like to keep everything within my site structure. Plugins like Thrive Architect will do this and give real clean looking funnels. One of the advantages of keeping the traffic on your own website is that you can track everything through Google Analytics. Plus, you can have your whole funnel throughout your site on as many pages as you want and Google Analytics will track everything automatically and split test everything. I do realize, however, that this system is designed really to get you ClickFunnel signups. Again, great post.

    1. I personally believe that you can have a website and a funnel builder like ClickFunnels and they will work together to make you a LOT of money.
      Yes, you are right with what you say you can do within a WordPress website, and the choice is yours to make, but in my opinion, CF can do a hell of a lot more for your business than just having a WP site alone can… but to each there own.
      I also believe that $97 a month for CF is not pricey, but an investment in your business and really a “piss in the ocean” compared to what using the “tool” can make you in return.

  3. That is so good to hear, since starting this online business I have seen how important it is to get traffic because it the lifeblood or driving force behind this business and though you may have to put up some money I think it is worth the investment because in all business some monies have to be invested and I think that this product is worth it.

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