Traffic Multiplier Review – The Secret Commission System NO ONE Wants You To Know About

Traffic Multiplier Review

Traffic Multiplier Review

Name: Traffic Multiplier


Owner: Glynn and Leigh Kosky

Overall rank: 7/10

Price: $22.95 + upsells


Traffic Multiplier is described as a unique traffic generation software and training package.

It was created by online marketers Glynn and Leigh Kosky and launched on the ClickBank affiliate marketplace on January 9, 2019.

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Pros VS Cons:


  • 3-In-1 Triple Threat Traffic Strategy
  • Newbie Friendly Simple THREE-STEP Process To Profit
  • Full Access To The Traffic Multiplier Members Area & Private Community
  • Unique Traffic Multiplier Method – step-by-step video training covers traffic, lead generation and ONGOING profits
  • Create TWO Lists In One – this system gets you both email subscribers AND push notification leads
  • ULTIMATE ROI – most campaigns ‘leak’ traffic, which costs you money. They’ll show you how to follow-up with visitors that don’t opt-in the 1st time, to get even MORE subscribers on your list for the lowest possible cost
  • UNLIMITED SCALING – once you’re in profit, it’s SIMPLE to scale this method with paid ads for PREDICTABLE profits
  • ALL The Software You Need – On Glynn!


  • Upsells
  • Can be a bit technical to set up initially

Product Overview:

Traffic Multiplier is a unique traffic generation software and training package that uses a three-pronged approach, utilising push notifications, email marketing and Facebook retargeting. 

This an over-the-shoulder video training series that fully explains this unique traffic method and walks you through the steps of setting this method up for yourself.

Traffic Multiplier also includes free software that could potentially save you $100’s of dollars a month.

Traffic Multiplier Review

Who is it for?

For anyone that wants to increase traffic, conversions and sales in their online business.

It will work perfectly in the internet marketing/make money online niche but can also be applied to any niche that you can think of.

Tools and Training:

Traffic Multiplier is a full video training course in a private member area, with PDF cheat sheets and bonus training.

It also includes access to free tools to make this strategy work.


There is a support email and you can contact Leigh on Facebook.


The frontend Traffic Multiplier course is $22.95 (but could be rising) which is a pretty good deal for what you get, but of course, there are some upsells so let’s have a look at the funnel.

OTO 1 Traffic Multiplier GOLD: Done-For-You Campaigns $47-$67

OTO 2 Traffic Multiplier PLATINUM: Lead Magnet Library $47-$67

OTO 3 Traffic Multiplier TITANIUM: Facebook Pixel Tools & Training $47-$67

OTO 4 Traffic Multiplier License Rights $197-$297

I didn’t have access to these upsells to check them out, so I can’t tell you whether they are worth it or not, so use caution and only pick them up if you really think they will help you.

I will say that the OTO 4, (licence rights) is pretty pricey, so I would think long and hard about whether that one will suit your needs or not.

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee.

Traffic Multiplier Review

Are you ready to multiply your traffic?

All things considered, at $20-30 the frontend Traffic Multiplier course is pretty good quality.

The trainer knows what he is talking about and using this unique three-pronged traffic approach will definitely work if you take the time to implement the steps and use them.

The browser notifications strategy, in particular, is something that I am going to implement in my own business.

You can take or leave the upsells depending on your own requirements but I definitely think you will get some value out of this course.

But before you decide, here are the Traffic Multiplier bonuses, as well as my own exclusive custom bonuses if you grab Traffic Multiplier through my link.


Traffic Multiplier Review

Traffic Multiplier Review

There are also unannounced bonuses in the member area.

My Exclusive Custom Bonuses

I have hand-picked all of these exclusive bonuses so that you can use them with the Traffic Multiplier method and scale it to the next level!

Final Verdict 7/10

*To claim your bonuses email me a copy of your receipt to and I will get them to you within 48 hours*

==>> Get your hands on Traffic Multiplier for ONLY $22.97 and my Custom Bonuses Right Here! <<==

Traffic Multiplier Review

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

To your freedom,

John W. Newman

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32 thoughts on “Traffic Multiplier Review – The Secret Commission System NO ONE Wants You To Know About”

  1. Looks like a good system that’s very affordable. Are you familiar with Big List Boss and if so, how does this compare or is it totally different?

    1. Hey Grant, I haven’t previously heard of Big List Boss, but I just had a look at their sales page and it appears to be a monthly membership around building a huge email list.

      I can’t comment on the value of that program, but Traffic Multiplier will definitely help you build not only an email list but also a push notification list and for a one-off cost of less than $30.

      Obviously, you get what you pay for, but Traffic Multiplier can definitely help grow your business without breaking the bank!

  2. First time I have heard of this product but from what you have said it seems to, be great. Traffic is the driving force behind this type of business. It is the affiliate marketers job to get as much traffic to his website as possible and this seems to be a tool that can help.

  3. Well, that is refreshing for a change!  A Clickbank product that has some real persons behind the system.  I have watched your video and read your article and correct me if I am wrong, but from what I understand this one is not really a “system” per se, but more of a training on how to do affiliate marketing with free tools.  One thing I am not sure about is the “browser notification strategy”.  What is it?  Is it some kind of a push notification like pushcrew? 

    Anyhow, I will check this one out a little further.  Any kind of help to gain traffic is always good, and at the price they sell the frontend product, it will not break the bank.  Thanks for the awesome review!

    1. Thanks, Dennis, you are absolutely right… This is simply a training program that teaches you how to use free tools to do affiliate marketing!

      And yes… the browser notifications are the same as push crew, however, it is utilising a free tool, but it works in the same way!

      It’s well worth checking out!

  4. This is a great post! Traffic Multiplier looks like a great programme. It is especially great that they help you sort out the problem of traffic leaks and helping you increase your efficiency in terms of traffic. I am not a huge fan of upsells but if the product is good I definitely consider buying upsells to support the creator as well as get more features.I like the fact that they have video training available as well as PDF cheat sheets and bonuses! That sounds like a lot of great information and when you are too lazy to read you can watch videos so there is no excuse.

    Is the money back guarantee for the base product or upsells as well?

    Thanks for sharing this information!

    1. Haha! I had to laugh when you said there is video training so there is no excuse if people are too lazy to read the PDF’s! Lol 😉

      It’s not a matter of being lazy, though… people like to consume content in different ways… personally, I like video training… but maybe I’m lazy too! haha 😉

      Yes, there is a money back guarantee on all of the products!

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. I have had some very negative experiences with clickbank products and have had to ask for a refund more than once.  Unlike Wealthy Affiliate the products I have tried did not offer the help and support of the community and those offering the product were unreachable, failing to respond to emails or phone calls..  On top of that  I was flooded with emails, sometimes twice a day every day touting the virtues of upgrading.  However, I do realize that this is more the fault of the individual vendors on the clickbank platform than the clickbank  platform itself. For this price, if it is a one time fee as it states I just might give it a try.

    1. Unfortunately, there are crappy products on any platform, and ClickBank is no different, but you are right… It’s generally the fault of the particular vendor.

      That’s why I like to do a comprehensive review and give an honest opinion, and I believe Traffic Multiplier is one of the good ones!

      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Hey there John,

    thanks for such informative and detailed review, I found it to be very helpful and I’ve also enjoyed reading it and learning about a new product on the market! As far as Traffic Multiplier goes, well I have heard a little bit about them in the past, however I’ve never dedicated my time to learn more about them and eventually kind of forgot about them. Therefore, I am happy that I’ve stumbled across Your review so I can finally see what’s the all hype surround it is about. So far, after reading Your review I can say- that I am very impressed by Traffic Multiplier for numerous reasons. First of all, the thing which stood out for me the most about this product is the fact that it has its own dedicated community, which is an amazing thing because users will always have someone who will help him, or her out and vice versa. The second big reason why I really like TM is that it comes with different strategies & trainings that do a great job on teaching people how to use & set their unique traffic methods in a great detail while using a user-friendly format. Oh, and I also found a 30-day money back guarantee & support email to be a very welcome adition to the overall very positive presentation of Traffic Multiplier, as it shows that creators care about their customer support and are willing to co-operate.

    Keep up the great work John and best of luck to You 😉

  7. Thanks for making a review on traffic multiplier, this is the first time I’m actually coming across this site. Although it’s a good traffic generation software, the only issue I have with this site is the fact that the training is only available in videos and PDF cheat sheet, but I will definitely look into it to know how best it suits me.

    1. Interesting comment Seun… you say that the only downfall is the training is only available in videos and PDF… Wondering what other format you would want the training to come in?

  8. I am also an affiliate marketer and I am salivating for this traffic multiplier while reading your review. Usually, I would depend on Google, getting the content indexed and ranked. But then, I find the strategy boring as I have to wait for days or even weeks to get my blog posts ranked in Google. And to my disappointment, they never reach first page of Google, usually on the 3rd or 4th page which doesn’t bring much traffic to the content. So, upon seeing this traffic multiplier, I’m thinking of trying this too.

    But I have one concern: Will the teachings or the strategies in Traffic Multiplier be applicable in driving traffic to blog posts? Or, they work only for lead capture pages and done-for-you funnels?

    1. That’s the problem with SEO Gomer… it takes time and can be hard to get your blog ranking high in the search engines!

      As for your question… once you have people on your email or browser notification list then you can send them to your blog or any offer or promotion.

      Building your lists are greatly going to grow your business and Traffic Multiplier will help you do this!

  9. Hey John,

    Thank you for taking the time to put together this Traffic Multiplier Review.

    To tell you the truth, I have grown distrustful of ClickBank products as I have tried some of them in the past and they were all talk and no value.

    Traffic multiplier seems on the brink of falling into the legit category.

    How much will my traffic go up if I use it let’s say for one year? Is there any proof that it works? Any success stories? Any testimonials? Have you used it yourself? For how long? Did you see any results?

    1. Hey Xaric, yes, there are some crappy products on ClickBank, but this isn’t one of them and Traffic Multiplier is definitely legit!

      As for how much your traffic will go up in a year I can’t give you an answer… it depends on so many factors… It’s like asking how long is a piece of string?

      I will say that if you do apply the strategies then it WILL grow your business and there are many success stories, case studies and testimonials on both the sales page and in the member area.

      I personally have used the Facebook retargeting and email list strategies with success, so adding a third tier of browser notifications can only go in one direction in my opinion!

  10. This is very good course in regards it will show me how I can do to increase the amount of traffic . Our business depends on traffic without traffic you are done  so I would love to increase the traffic but in very moderate way without incurring alot expenditure  that will be very helpful to me an d my business.traffic multiplier is very good ideas that will add you benefits but don’t go to upsell first.

  11. I understand that there are lots of scam traffic multipliers out there, they claim to do something then do nothing. Personally, I enjoyed your review of this tool, it is honest and concise.With 7/10 score, and selling for less than $30, it is worth the risk. At least, if it does not work, users don’t have much to lose. I would love to read your feedback about the product and tell us how much it has helped you in next 30 days. Thanks.

    1. I don’t know if there is a lot of “scam traffic multipliers” out there, but there are a lot of scam products that promise the world and don’t deliver… that’s why I do a comprehensive review of products and give an honest opinion and Traffic Multiplier is one I recommend because I believe it can help your business and is worth the price tag!

      I will definitely come back with a case study of my results!

      Thanks 🙂

  12. A lot of people always need traffic to your website and how to go about this might actually be a problem. One of the routes I normally take is to get products that focus mainly on traffic and I normally get a thing or two from the courses that I can implement to help grow my business. 

    Even with lots of scams out there some of them are actually good and provide good information. Based on the review in this post it does seem that traffic multiplier is a legit product and they would be able to offer some solid information. 

  13. You have done a good job reviewing Traffic Multiplier software, now I fully understand how the software works, can someone get the PDF without the softwares disk, just to pre-read before installing the software? I think it’ll be nice for all bloggers wishing to pull in more traffic to their websites. Thanks for this great review. Have a nice day

    1. You can read all of the PDF’s and watch the video training before installing any software.

      In fact, you don’t have to do anything with the product, but then you won’t see any results will you?

      Any product or training will only work if you do!

  14. Glenn Kosky is one of the big names in the MMO niche. He has a number of amazing products on the warrior forum. The overall concept of push notifications, Facebook retargeting and email marketing is simply genius. I also love that I has a number of step-by-step videos and pdf. These should be helpful in getting a less experienced marketer started. However, from my experience with similar products, they are not as newbie friendly as the sales page often portray. My advice to any newbie seeking to get this product is: Give yourself at least a month to learn the ropes before diving all in. I would also have thought that they would offer phone support. Overall, a rating of 7 out of 10 makes the product worth the investment

    1. Sound advice Phranell 86!

      I wouldn’t recommend this product to complete newbies, to be honest.

      I think it’s a great product to add to an existing business, but if you are a complete newbie then I would start with the foundations first.

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  15. This looks interesting but I would rather have a complete program that teaches me everything I need to create an online business. This program sounds like it is all about getting traffic. That is great but that is like getting the cart before the horse if you don’t know how to build a high quality website to start with. I would rather learn how to build a great website that takes less work to promote than a mediocre website that will take endless work to promote since it isn’t strong enough to support itself. 

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and they provide everything I need in one place and for one price. I don’t have to pay more and more as I go along to get access to people, have a support group or learn new aspects of marketing. I appreciate your honest review and it sounds like Traffic Multiplier isn’t a scam but doesn’t have nearly the value that Wealthy Affiliate has. 



    1. Thanks for your comment Jessica, but I’d like to point out something…

      Wealthy Affiliate WILL teach you all of the foundations of building a website and an online business, but it’s going to cost you $500 a year for the privilege.

      Traffic Multiplier is going to cost you less than $50 to apply some strategies that will help you grow that online business that you have been building in WA and I know for a fact that WA doesn’t teach these strategies.

      I’ve been a member of WA since 2014 and I host all of my website there, but these two programs have completely different goals and are at different price points!


  16. Great post and good info.

    This seems to be a very good one and not so expensive for what they offer. 

    The startup could be complicated I saw, but that doesn’t matter, as long as it is good. 

    Now I have one question, is this one better than wealthy affiliate or I should stick with that platform? 

    Thanks for sharing it with us! 

    1. Thanks for your comment and question Emmanuel!

      It does look a little bit complicated, but the training is “over the shoulder step by step” so if you follow along you will have no trouble setting it up.

      As for “is it better than Wealthy Affiliate or should I stick with that” firstly you should definitely stick with WA, it’s a top quality training program with a lot of benefits.

      Is Traffic Multiplier better?

      They are two different strategies with different end goals at different price points.

      Personally, I believe this is a training program that can help you with your online business… It’s not about which one is better than the other!

      Cheers 🙂

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